This is the alpha release.

JavaScript You Must Know

The absolute basics of the language that every JavaScript developer must know... but are often overlooked!

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    Focusing on the fundamentals is essential.

    Whether you're looking to improve your understanding of the language, prepare for an interview, or learn the next big framework (read React or Vue), these are the topics that you must know!

    What you'll learn

    ✓ The ternary operator
    ✓ Rest & spread
    ✓ Template literals
    ✓ Destructuring
    ✓ Arrow functions
    ✓ Modules: Commonjs & ES6

    Future release

    ✎ Scopes & closure
    ✎ The this keyword
    ✎ The prototype chain
    class syntax in JavaScript
    ✎ Promises
    ✎ async/await
    ✎ The fetch API
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